Demonstration Video

MedEPed Starter Video

This video is meant for doctors who has installed MedEPed and will like a get a quick overview of how to get started. Details of each function is given is separate videos below.

This video explains:

  1. How to get started after installation
  2. Registration Process
  3. Adding a child
  4. Briefly touches upon giving vaccine

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Adding a Child

At Medewise, we understand that the doctor’s time is of most improtance. To add a child, all you need to do is to enter child’s name, date of birth and the parent’s mobile number. All other fields such as the parent’s name and email ID are optional. As soon as a child is added a message goes to the parent to download the parents application, Medewise Kids.   Through this application, the parent can update all other details, enter adverse effects, important health information such as blood group, chronic conditions etc, and old vaccine records.

Add your first patient

Search and fetch Records

Search for a patient by name or mobile number. We also have a scan option which allows you to fetch child’s records when you scan the QR code. This QR code is available with the parent’s application Medewise Kids. For Medewise Kids Lite (Free Application), the QR code is available on phone, and for Medewise Kids Pro subscribers, we also share a physical card with the QR code.

Search for the Patient

Installing MedEPed

This video shows a step by step process of installing MedEPed. This video is made in Play Store but the application is available for download from Apple App Store as well.

Installing MedEPed

Panned Date and Vaccine Given Date

 This is the most important video about the product. You can set a planned date for a vaccine or enter the administration date of the vaccine by entering the date after you click on “Give Vaccine”. Give vaccine date is the actual date of administration while planned date is the scheduled date.

Planned Date and Administration Date for Vaccines

Bulk administration of Old Vaccines

Sometimes you need to update old vaccines of a child While you can go and individually update each vaccine from the “Give Vaccine ” screen and enter old dates, you can also do a Bulk Update and take a picture of the immunization chart. This video explains this process.